Algorithm of Effciency Improvement for Railway Transport Using Intelligent Devices

Anna Beinarovica


This paper deals with the use of systems and devices with artificial intelligence in the motor vehicle driving. The main objective of the transport operations is a transportation planning with minimum energy consumption. There are various methods for saving energy. This paper discusses one of the possible energy savings - proper planning of transport operations. To gain proper planning it is necessary to involve the system and devices with artificial intelligence use. They will display possible developments in the choice of one or another transport plan. In consequence of which it can be supposed how much the plan is effective against the spent energy. Intelligent device considered in this paper consists of the algorithm, database and internet for the connection to the other intelligent devices. The main task of the target function is to minimize total downtime at intermediate stations. The specific unique PHP-based computer model[12] was created. It uses MySQL database[13] for simulation data storage and processing. Conclusions based on experiments were made. Experiments showed that after optimization train can pass intermediate stations without making stops multiply times breaking and accelerating and this lead to the decreased energy consumption.


Process planning; algorithm; energy consumption; optimization; database; artificial intelligence; intelligent systems; logic; mathematical model


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