Digest of "New DC/DC Converter for Electrolyser Interfacing with Stand-Alone Renewable Energy System"

Andrei Blinov, Anna Andrijanovits


This paper presents findings of a R&D project targeted to the development of a galvanically isolated step-down DC/DC converter for electrolyzer integration with renewable energy systems. The presented converter with an improved control algorithm for the full-bridge active rectifier features reduced energy circulation and switching losses. The performance can be improved under wide input voltage and load variations. The advantages of the converter were verified with a 1 kW converter prototype and the test results were in full agreement with the expected waveforms. The presented steadystate operation principle and mathematical analysis of the converter based on the simulation and experimental results can be used as design guidelines for component and parameter estimation in practical applications. According to the results, the presented step-down DC/DC converter topology with a phase- shifted active rectifier could be one of the most promising candidates for high-power conversion systems due to its reduced switching losses and a wide regulation range.


Distributed power generation; energy storage; hydrogen storage; zero current switching; zero voltage switching


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