Alternative Energetics DC Microgrid with Hydrogen Energy Storage System

Genadijs Zaleskis, Ingars Steiks


This paper is related to alternative energetics microgrid with wind generator and hydrogen energy storage system. The main aim of this research is development of solutions for effective use of the wind generators in alternative energetics devices, at the same time providing uninterrupted power supply of the critical loads. In this research it was accepted, that mentioned alternative energetics microgrid operates in the autonomous mode, and connection to the conventional power grid is not used. In the case, when wind speed is low, the necessary power is provided by the energy storage system, which includes a fuel cell and a tank with stored hydrogen. The theoretical analysis of the storage system operation is made. The possible usage time of the stored hydrogen depends on available amount of hydrogen and consumption of the hydrogen by the fuel cell. The consumption, in turn, depends on used fuel cell power. The experimental results present, that if wind generator can provide only part of the needed power, the abiding power can be provided by the fuel cell. In this case a load filter is necessary for decrease of the fuel cell current pulsations.


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