An experimental study of ground-based equipment real time data transfer possibility by using cellular networks

Deniss Brodnevs, Aleksandrs Kutins


An expanding mobile cellular network data transfer service offer cheaper wireless solutions for various data transfer needs. This paper presents an experimental testing of data transfer performance in 3G and 4G modes. The testing was done in Riga in July and August 2016 using the most popular mobile service operators in Latvia: Tele2-LV, BITE-LV and LMT. The purpose of the testing was to check possibility of real-time and critical data transfer over mobile cellular networks. It was fond that 4G network quality of service is poor. The 3G network results depend on the cell load. Lightly- loaded network meets real-time data transfer requirements of 100 ms one-way delay for the small packets traffic.


3G; 4G; UMTS; HSPA; DC-HSPA+; LTE; network latency; network availability; jitter; service quality


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