Constant Current Models of Brushless DC Motor

Krzysztof Krykowski, Janusz Hetmańczyk


Two constant current models of Permanent Magnet Brushless Direct Current Motor (PM BLDC) are presented in the paper. In the first part of the paper principle of operation, basic properties and mathematical equations describing PM BLDC models are given. Then, two different constant current models of PM BLDC motor are considered: In the first model, PM BLDC motor is approximated with dc motor; in the second model, modified constant current model is applied with additional block, which is used to take into account the impact of inductance on torque-speed characteristics. In order to verify these models, torque-speed characteristics have been determined and compared for different motor supply voltages. After running a series of simulation and laboratory tests, we have found that this modified model (which makes allowance for the influence of inductance on torque-speed characteristics) ensures obtaining torque-speed characteristics identical to those of the real motor. Therefore, this model may be recommended for those simulation tests which do not consider effects occurring inside the electronic commutator-motor circuit. However, approximation of PM BLDC motor with dc motor is not recommended in computer tests.


permanent magnet machines; brushless machines; analytical models; mathematical model; MATLAB


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