The use of DigSilent Power Factory Simulator for "Introduction into Power Systems" Lectures

Victor Astapov, Ivo Palu, Toomas Vaimann


The first-year students at the technical universities often face with the problem of school knowledge usage at a higher level, required by engineering. To solve this problem, the authors developed lectures, based on simulations in DigSILENT Power Factory software with theoretical background. On the example of the simple models, in the lectures, the value of physical quantities is explained, as well as the purpose and characteristics of the power equipment.

This article includes the detailed description of a lesson “Introduction into power systems” and presents some models and ways of explaining the material. The sections below concentrate on the format of the lecture, methods for explanation of physical quantities, and acquaintance with the power system components. Sequential parts create the mosaics of grid, with the following description of basic laws and principles in power systems.

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