Real-Time Monitoring & Adaptive Protection of Power Transformer to Enhance Smart Grid Reliability

Maulik B Raichura, Nilesh G Chothani, Dharmesh D Patel


Power transformer is one of the most important equipment in the grid to reliably and efficiently transmit power to the consumers. Asset management and protection are the best concepts for enlargement of transformer lifespan as well as to increase the grid reliability. This article presents electrical and non electrical parameter based power transformer monitoring and protection. Various data such as core flux, age of asset, heat generation, current harmonics and temperature are monitored in real time and process accordingly to enhance the working capability of the transformer. The proposed scheme is successfully tested on 15kVA laboratory transformer using Arm CORTEX-M4 processor. A Fitness Function (Ff) is estimated from the collected data to examine the working condition of the transformer. Moreover, voltage, current and power based inrush detection as well as Adaptive Power Differential Protection (APDP) are applied to protect the transformer against fault. The hardware implementation and result validation proves the effectiveness of the proposed scheme to enhance the reliability of distribution grid.


Power Transformer; Condition Monitoring; Grid Reliability; Inrush Detection; Fault; Adaptive Power Differential Protection

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