Ontology-Based Design of a the Learner’s Knowledge Domain in Electrical Engineering

Zoja Raud, Valery Vodovozov


This research relates to some personalization aspects of electrical engineering education. Its goal is to help students and educators evaluate the complexity of the disciplines they choose for studying and optimise an order of the learned courses and topics. A new instrument, namely, an educational thesaurus is presented and its assembling procedure is shown. Offered educational thesauri implemented to the labs and exercises became the smart platforms suitable for design and managing the students’ individual knowledge domains. The ontology-based Web manuals in Electronics and Power Electronics for the bachelor study level were introduced. An example of ontology graph has been developed and explained in the paper with regard to the master study level. According to the authors’ investigation, decrease of the stresses caused by new educational environment and achieving the success in learning were observed thanks to the individual knowledge domains organisation proposed in this study.

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