A Generator of a Toy Dataset of Multi-Polygon Monochrome Images for Rapidly Testing and Prototyping Semantic Image Segmentation Networks

Vadim Romanuke


A problem of building semantic image segmentation networks more easily is considered. Building a network capable of segmenting successfully real-world images does not require a real semantic image segmentation task. At this stage, called prototyping, a toy dataset can be used. Such a dataset can be artificial and thus may not need augmentation for training. Besides, its entries are images of much smaller sizes allowing to train and test the network a way faster. Objects to be segmented are one or few convex polygons in one image. Thus, a toy dataset generator is created whose complexity is regulated by the number of edges in a polygon, the maximal number of polygons in one image, the set of scale factors, and the set of probabilities determining how many polygons in a current image are generated. The dataset capacity and image size are concurrently adjustable, though they are much less influential.

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