Raman spectroscopy principles for in vivo diagnostic by ellipsoidal reflectors

Mikhail Bezuglyi, Natalia Bezuglaya


The research represents the analysis of functional abilities of measurement tools with ellipsoidal reflectors for Raman spectroscopy. The investigated structural scheme of setup is intended for use in Raman spectroscopy in vivo by ellipsoidal reflectors. The setup can be used as prototype for development of device for non-invasive control of sugar level. Additionally, the investigation demonstrates the efficiency of ellipsoidal photometry method for registration of Raman scattering signal on test-solutions. The testing was perfored for different sugar concentrations with the laser radiation wavelength 980 nm. In addition, there were investigated the selecting principles of laser radiation source parameters (including beam diameter and power). During the research, there were received data about spatial distribution of the backscattered light in human shoulder and finger tissues during photometry by ellipsoidal reflectors. The procedure involve using of Monte Carlo simulation. The dependency of the external and middle ring illuminance of photometric images from the diameter and power of laser beam is represented based on the zone analysis.

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