Experimental Comparison of Designed Inductance Coils for Wireless Power Transfer

Viktor Shevchenko, Maksym Khomenko, Ihor Kondratenko, Oleksandr Husev, Bohdan Pakhaliuk


The paper is devoted to the comparison of different types and different values of coils for inductive power transfer in the classical circuit. This topic is relevant with the growing demand and interest in wireless chargers and the diversity of inductance coils for wireless power transfer. The main geometric parameters affecting to the coil efficiency are determined. For experimental verification is used the classical scheme for wireless power transfer based on a full-bridge inverter. Different coils at the different distance between them, lateral misalignment and load resistance changed are tested. It is determined that single-layer coils have better transmit-receive efficiency than double-layer, especially with series-series compensation topology. The application of two-layer coils is recommended in case of high input current.


AC-DC power converters electromagnetic coupling; Finite element modelling; Inductive power transmission; Wireless power transfer

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