Use of Simulator Equipment for the Development and Testing of Vessel Control Systems

Serhii Zinchenko, Vadym Mateichuk, Pavlo Nosov, Ihor Popovych, Oleksandr Solovey, Pavlo Mamenko, Olga Grosheva


One of the ways to reduce human influence on the control process is the development of automated and automatic control systems. Modern control systems are quite complex and require preliminary ground testing. In article considered the issues of creating Imitation Modeling Stand for such control system synthesis and testing. For this, a Control System Model was integrated into the local computer network of the navigation simulator NTPRO 5000. Developed and tested software for information exchange between the navigation simulator and Control System Model. Developed a functional module of collision avoidance with many targets for testing in a closed loop system with virtual training objects. The results showed that the developed Imitation Modeling Stand allows to develop and test of functional modules of the control systems; in comparison with the found analogs also makes it easy to include in a closed simulation cycle various models of command devices, actuators, control objects, objects of training scene, weather conditions; is universal, both for solving problems of manual control and for developing and testing automatic and automated control systems is not highly specialized and is created with minimal costs.


Closed loop systems; Collision avoidance; Control system synthesis; Automatic control; Motion control

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