A Novel and Compact Circularly Polarized Antenna for 5G Wireless Local Area Network Application

Swetha Ravikanti, Anjaneyulu L


In this research paper, a novel and compact circularly polarized (CP) antenna for 5G wireless local area network (WLAN) application are presented. It consists of a circular patch and a coaxial probe feed radiator. Circular polarization (CP) is attained by symmetric semi-circular slits of radius r1 at three edges of a circular path with 90° in direction and the other semicircular slit is of different radius r2. To improve the impedance bandwidth and axial ratio, the radius of the fourth semicircular slit on circular patch antenna are varied. The design is verified by fabricating a compact antenna of 0.65λ0x0.65λ0x0.01λ0. The measured 10-dB Impedance bandwidth is 3.9% (5.36GHz-5.56GHz), 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth is 1.1 % (5.43GHz-5.49GHz) and gain of 6.6dBi at resonant frequency 5.37GHz is obtained. Two-dimensional radiation patterns of azimuth and elevation planes surface current distribution of the CP patch, VSWR<2, are described. The proposed CP antenna is suitable for the 5G WLAN application. The proposed design is compared with various techniques etc, in literature and tabulated. Measured results are also discussed and which are in good agreement with simulated results.


5G WLAN application; Circular polarization; Microstrip antenna; Microwave communication; Semi-circular slits.

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