Modeling and Simulation of SCADA and PLC System for Power System Protection Laboratory

Ayesha Faryal, Farhana Umer, Muhammad Amjad, Zeeshan Rashid, Aoun Muhammad


The protection of power system is an essential attribute in a huge network to efficiently detect and isolate the sections undergoing faults or abnormal behavior. The key components of a protection scheme include circuit breakers, relays, switchgears and fuses which employ communication from one station to another to achieve high speed tripping. The automation of these components at loboratory level using programmable logic controller (PLC) along with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system owns paramount importance for intelligent decision making, sensing, actuating, monitoring and maintaining the record in the host server. This paper discusses such a technique for conventional power system protection laboratory at a new level of development to promote control system through PLC and SCADA. The control system comprises of indication of over and under values of voltage, load and frequency which can trigger malfunctioning of equipment and must be rectified. Furthermore, ground fault and inverse current indication are also added to the system for monitoring and controlling purposes. The proposed system enhances the efficiency, safety of the expensive equipment and the personnel to the next level and also introduces new standards of automated protection schemes for modern technical institutes.

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