Low-Power Agriculture IoT System with LoRa: Open Field Storage Observation

Esma Kökten, Bahadır Can Çalışkan, Saeid Karamzadeh, Ece Gelal Soyak


The last decade has seen multiple research work on the use of LoRaWAN technology in smart agriculture. In open field storage, monitoring is crucial for increasing the logistics efficiency and for crop quality. Because battery maintenance is expensive in such areas, LoRa is a suitable technology due to enabling low-power communications. In this work, a prototype has been built for tracking goods in open field storage. The battery lifetime is analyzed by calculations and measurements using LoRa communications. Our findings indicate that (i) although sleeping current has the smallest percentage, it has the greatest effect on increasing battery life, (ii) for longer battery life LoRa node must have a low self-discharge battery, and finally, (iii) sensors are the main battery depleting factor on the LoRa node.


agriculture; food storage; LoRa; IoT; battery life; low-power application

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