Digest of "Load Compensation in Mechatronic System with Observer"

Alexey Kolganov, Sergey Lebedev, Mikhail Kulenko


Features of combined mechatronic systems creation with a rigid mechanics are observed in details. The usage of astatic regulators (ensures control of a static error only) for the basic positioning loop is offered. Efficiency of regulators and observers adjustment on Bessel polynomial is shown for mechatronic positioning systems. Outcomes of synthesis of the load observer taking into account the drive dynamics and different forms of load in the system are resulted. The efficiency of usage of astatic regulators on the basis of modified PID controller with the input filter for the combined mechatronic position systems was shown. The structure and design procedure for the 1st order astatic load observer taking into account the rigid mechanics drive dynamics was proposed. The comparative analysis of a "classical" astatic system properties and offered combined control structure under the condition of disturbances of the various forms is performed. The results of simulation experiment validate theoretical conclusions. All of the proposed structures are microprocessor realizable and can be extended to mechatronic systems of different configuration and application.


Motor drives; observers; mechatronics; motion control; computer simulation


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