Finite Element Tearing and Interconnecting Method and its Algorithms for Parallel Solution of Magnetic Field Problems

Daniel Marcsa, Miklos Kuczmann


Because of the exponential increase of computational resource requirement for numerical field simulations of more and more complex physical phenomena and more and more complex large problems in science and engineering practice, parallel processing appears to be an essential tool to handle the resulting large-scale numerical problems.  One way of parallelization of sequential (single-processor) finite element simulations is the use of domain decomposition methods. Domain decomposition methods (DDMs) for parallel solution of linear systems of equations are based on the partitioning of the analyzed domain into sub-domains which are calculated in parallel while doing appropriate data exchange between those sub-domains. In this case, the non-overlapping domain decomposition method is the Lagrange multiplier based Finite Element Tearing and Interconnecting (FETI) method. This paper describes one direct solver and two parallel solution algorithms of FETI method. Finally, comparative numerical tests demonstrate the differences in the parallel running performance of the solvers of FETI method. We use a single-phase transformer and a three-phase induction motor as two-dimensional static magnetic field test problems to compare the solvers.


high performance computing; parallel processing; finite element analysis; magnetic fields


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