The Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University - Electrical, Control and Communication Engineering

The aim of the Journal of Electrical, Control and Communication Engineering of Riga Technical University (RTU-ECCE Journal) is to provide an on-line forum for scientific discussions and feedbacks from the scientific society to particular scientists from all over the world on their later scientific achievements in the below mentioned fields. The journal considers publication of all authors, but gives preference to the post-conference papers after one of the following events (International Scientific Conferences on Power and Electrical Engineering of Riga Technical University - RTUCON, Workshops on Advances in Information, Electronic and Electrical Engineering – AIEEE, International Doctoral School of Electrical Energy Conversion and Saving Technologies of Riga Technical University, Doctoral School of Energy and Geotechnology of TalTech), as well as the papers recommended by section editors of the journal. The submissions are reviewed, edited and published in the mentioned priority order.

The scope of RTU-ECCE journal includes (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics:

1)    Electrical machines, Apparatus, Drives, Motion Control and Robotics;

2)    Components, Design and Application of Power Electronic Converters;

3)    Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference of Electrical Equipment;

4)    Electrical Materials, Reliability and Diagnostics;

5)    Medical and other Bio-contact Electrical Equipment.

  • Power and Energy Systems:

1)    Power System Control, Automation, Stability and Protection;

2)    Power Quality and Reliability;

3)    Power Plants, Renewable and Distributed Energy Systems;

4)    Power System Planning, Management, Economic Evaluation and Risk Assessment;

5)    Electricity Market;

6)    Smart Grids & Microgrids.

  • Information Processing in the context of Electrical and Power Engineering

1)    Electronic Circuits and Systems for Control Applications;

2)    Control Theory, Analysis, Simulation and Implementation Software;

3)    Principles of Physical Transmission and Processing of Information, New Interfaces and Protocols.

  • Microwave Technique and Antennas

1)    Theory, Analysis and Simulation of Microwave Technique;

2)    Software and Experimental Methods Dedicated for Microwave Equipment;

3)    Antennas, Radar Systems and other Microwave Applications.

The editorial board of RTU-ECCE Journal is always open for discussion on the journal topics.


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Vol 18, No 1 (2022): Electrical, Control and Communication Engineering

Table of Contents

Microwave Techniques, Antennas & Radar Systems

Sandhya Mallavarapu, Anjaneyulu Lokam
1 - 10
Dmitry O. Batrakov, Mariya S Antyufeyeva, Angelika G. Batrakova
11 - 17

Electric Power Supply

Muhammad Sheryar, Farhana Umer, Aoun Muhammad, Zeeshan Rashid
18 - 26

Control Engineering and IT

Vadim Romanuke
27 - 36

Communication Engineering

Dmitrijs Pikuļins, Roberts Gotlaufs, Tatjana Solovjova, Arturs Aboltins, Juris Grizans, Sandis Migla
37 - 42
Olaf Grote, Andreas Ahrens
43 - 49

Electrical Drives, Mechatronics and Robotics

Abdul Rauf, Muhammad Jehanzeb Irshad, Syed Muhammad Wasif, Zubair Mehmood, Tayybah Kiren, Nazam Siddique
50 - 56

Electrical Materials, Reliability and Diagnostics

Maksym Zaliskyi, Oleksandr Solomentsev, Oleksiy Zuiev, Maksim Pavlenko, Iryna Zakharchenko, Yuliia Petrova
57 - 65
Serhii Zinchenko, Oleh Tovstokoryi, Vadym Mateichuk, Pavlo Nosov, Ihor Popovych, Igor Gritsuk
66 - 74