The Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University - Electrical, Control and Communication Engineering

The mission of the RTU Journal on Electrical, Control and Communication Engineering (ECCE Journal) is to provide a free forum for scientific discussions and a feedback between scientific society and particular scientists from all over the world on their later achievements in the mentioned fields. In particular the journal pay attention to (but not only to):

  • Electrical Machines and Apparatus (EMA) – Theory, simulation and design of electrical machines and apparatus such as transformers, relays etc.
  • Electrical Drives, Mechatronics and Robotics (EDR) – Applications of electrical machines and apparatus, as well as theory, simulation, design and control of electrical drives, in particular, in robotic and mechatronic systems.
  • Power Electronic Converters (PEC) – Topologies, theory and analysis, simulation, control and applications of power electronic converters.
  • Power Electronic Technologies (PEL) – Design, details of construction, manufacturing technology of power electronic converters. Implementation, protection and thermal design of power semiconductor switches. Snubbers and resonant circuits, as well as other topics related to power electronic converters.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Electromagnetic compatibility and interference of electrical equipment.
  • Electrical Materials, Reliability and Diagnostics (REL) – Research and development of materials utilized in electrical engineering (including semiconductor and magnetic materials), their new applications. Study of reliability and diagnostics of electrical equipment and materials. Measurements and sensors.
  • Electric Power Supply (EPS) – Theory and analysis, simulation, power and control equipment, as well as software dedicated for electrical energy distribution networks and distributed generation networks, including smart micro- and nano-grids, as well as utilization of renewable and alternative energy sources.
  • Control Engineering and IT (CTL) – Theory and analysis, simulation, hardware and software dedicated for process control in various areas.
  • Communication Engineering (CMN) – Physical principles of information transmission, technical and information processing support for such transmission, new interfaces and protocols.
  • Microwave Techniques, Antennas and Radar Systems (MTA) – The section is focused on the theory and analysis, simulation, software and experimental methods dedicated for microwave techniques, antennas & radar systems.

The editorial board of RTU ECCE Journal is always open for discussion on the journal topics!



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Vol 14, No 2 (2018): Electrical, Control and Communication Engineering

Table of Contents

Electric Power Supply

Victor Astapov, Ivo Palu, Toomas Vaimann
Heydar Chamandoust

Electrical Machines and Apparatus

Bilal Asad, Toomas Vaimann, Anton Rassõlkin, Ants Kallaste, Anouar Belahcen
Bilal Asad, Toomas Vaimann, Anton Rassõlkin, Ants Kallaste, Anouar Belahcen
Mitesh B Astik, Praghnesh Bhatt, Bhavesh R Bhalja

Microwave Techniques, Antennas & Radar Systems

Darius Plonis, Andrius Katkevičius, Diana Belova-Plonienė

Communication Engineering

Deniss Brodnevs, Aleksandrs Kutins
Andrey Sadchenko, Oleg Kushnirenko

Control Engineering and IT

Vadim Romanuke
Meryem Deniz, Enver Tatlicioglu, Alper Bayrak

Power Electronic Converters

Saurabh Mani Tripathi, Prakash Ji Barnawal